Critical Response to “A View of the Woods” by Flannery O’ Connor

Let’s start this blog post off by saying this is one of the strangest short stories I’ve ever read, but it caught my undivided attention. This story is by a famous American writer by the name of Flannery O’ Connor. Her style of writing is Southern gothic and her characters often have bizarre relationships with each other. She also wrote A Good Man Is Hard to Find and The Violent Bear It Away.  “A View of the Woods” begins explaining the relationship between Mr. Fortune and Mary Fortune. It was until he told her age that I noticed that Mary Fortune … Continue reading Critical Response to “A View of the Woods” by Flannery O’ Connor


When reading Eurydice, I cannot help but think about the author Hilda Doolittle. I often wonder did she write this because of an obsession with Greek mythology or did she write this because she felt a personal connection to the myth? After thoroughly reading the poem and diving into the myth further, I believe that H.D. wrote this because she wanted to share Eurydice’s side of the story. In the poem, she shares how Eurydice is stuck in the underworld because of the mistakes of her husband, Orpheus. Eurydice goes on to share all the things that her husband has … Continue reading Eurydice


Flannery O’Connor’s “The View from the Woods” touches on several themes. However, one of the most prominent and obvious themes is that of identity. As we discussed in class, O’Connor is a Southern writer. One of the most important things in Southern culture is family and identity within that family. Carrying on a good family name is almost or equally important as inheriting wealth. In this short story, Mary is born a Pitt and a Fortune, though in reality she should only be called a Pitt. However, because of her resemblance to Mr. Fortune, her grandfather, (and perhaps her mother’s … Continue reading Identity

“A View of the Woods”Blog Post #2

DEATH BY MISFORTUNE? Is it a tragic story of a character that led to his own demise and the demise of a loved one or is it a story of purposeful murder? The short story A View of the Woods by Flannery O’Connor is grotesque and complex in nature leaving the audience in a bizarre state with a sullen feeling. A question I want to try to answer as a reader is whether the events that take place in the story, particularly the deaths were they caused in part by arrogance, defiance, allegiance, or possibly all three. Of all three … Continue reading “A View of the Woods”Blog Post #2

Identity in “A View of the Woods”

A View of the Woods by Flannery O’Connor is a short story during the 1950’s. This short story deals vastly with the theme, identity. Mary Fortune Pitts is the granddaughter to Mr. Fortune and the daughter to Mr. Pitts. Mr. Fortune and Mr. Pitts do not get along whatsoever, constantly antagonizing each other and in many ways putting Mary in the middle of their feud. Mary is close with her grandfather, but also loves her father even though her father beats her. Mr. Fortune sees himself in her due to her appearance and intellect however, he resents the fact that … Continue reading Identity in “A View of the Woods”

Lorine Niedecker

I find that Niedecker likes to use images to communicate unique thought. These images are so ordinary yet the messages in her poems are so profound. She is able to connect different smaller images to create a bigger picture for example in her poem ” Seven Years a Charming Woman” she uses the image of a simple coat which I think is a metaphor of her life. She mentions that the coat is not warm but has honor. When something has honor, it means it is respectable and distinguished. This coat must be expensive and stylish but it doesn’t keep her warm during the … Continue reading Lorine Niedecker