Walt Whitman “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry”

Erica Taylor Professor M. Konkol English 346 September 6th, 2016 Walt Whitman “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry” Walt Whitman’s verse and the descriptive forms within his poetry are first, notedly admirable. I find that when I read his poems I get this visual personification for all of the words on the page because it is clear that they have an in-depth meaning and relationship with one another. Also, within Whitman’s poetry, you can feel a sense of relatability. In the line, “Crowds of men and women attired in the usual costumes, how curious you are to me” (1), I am immediately sent back … Continue reading Walt Whitman “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry”

“Passing” By Toi Derricotte

https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems-and-poets/poems/detail/42878 Passing BY TOI DERRICOTTE A professor invites me to his “Black Lit” class; they’re reading Larson’s Passing. One of the black students says, “Sometimes light-skinned blacks think they can fool other blacks, but I can always tell,” looking right through me. After I tell them I am black, I ask the class, “Was I passing when I was just sitting here, before I told you?” A white woman shakes her head desperately, as if I had deliberately deceived her. She keeps examining my face, then turning away as if she hopes I’ll disappear. Why presume “passing” is based on … Continue reading “Passing” By Toi Derricotte