Flannery O’Connor A View of the Woods

Flannery O’Connor A view of the Woods: Struggle for Power Flannery O’Connor’s short story A View of the Woods illuminates several themes that occur throughout the story.  I believe the major theme of the story is the desire for power.  A View of the Woods is told through the perspective of Mr. Fortune, viewed through his experience and thoughts on his surroundings. The story illustrates Fortunes necessity for power and self-preservation which can be seen in his actions towards Mary Fortune Pitts and Mr. Pitts. The first theme I noticed is the theme of power which can be seen in … Continue reading Flannery O’Connor A View of the Woods

Week Three: Du Bois

Schwaan Rowell   My prior knowledge of who W.E.B. Du Bois was and his beliefs of African American progression was that education was the key. I noticed those same incorporated ideas within W.E.B. Du Bois final essay “Strivings of the Negro People”. Du Bois explores how the cultural food chain negates self-identity, progression, and self-acceptance in the African American community. Du Bois creates a timeline of events in response to his question in his opening paragraph, “…How does it feel to be a problem? I answer seldom a word”. He begins with a significant event that occurred in his childhood in … Continue reading Week Three: Du Bois

Staggerlee Wonders by James Baldwin

Well, I guess what the niggers is supposed to be doing is putting themselves in the path of that old sweet chariot and have it swing down and carry us home. That would help, as they say, and they got ways of sort of nudging the chariot. They still got influence with Wind and Water, though they in for some surprises with Cloud and Fire. My days are not their days. My ways are not their ways. I would not think of them, one way or the other, did not they so grotesquely block the view between me and my brother. … Continue reading Staggerlee Wonders by James Baldwin