My take on Olsen

Charles Olsen is a magician with words and I am an avid reader of his works, along with the similar poets Ezra Pound and William Carlos Williams who also were believers in the idea of Projective Verse. He mixes his teachings with entertainment which is far more fun to read rather than a “how-to” or “what is a projective essay?” he is far better with words. Olsen claims that poetry is a voice and though usually far more sophisticated than we usually speak with one on another, it is still a voice; to get a point across, to teach a moral lesson, etc and with that comes great responsibility from the author. Olsen states “If projective verse is practiced long enough, is drive ahead hard enough along the course I think it dictates, verse again can carry much larger material than it has carried in our language since the Elizabethans.” He then follows this claim with it can not be skipped over, it must be practiced to be important. Projective verse ignores most poetic norms, it completely contradicts what most of us consider poetry. He says that poetry is boring and we follow rules blindly, thus deleting originalism from art, changing the original plan which was art and freedom of expression. He believes poetry is energy. That energy is transferred down from author, poet to reader through the word choice and plot of the story.


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